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To differentiate customer experience, do something your competitors aren't doing in customer experience management. Re-examine how you're listening to customers, viewing customers' expectations, and focusing your employees and business rituals on customers.

ClearAction is a customer experience optimization consulting firm that guides company-wide action on a clear view of customer intelligence. Customer experience optimization goes beyond the revenue-focus of customer experience management, to grow both revenue and profit naturally through company-wide alignment with buyer priorities.

ClearAction's depth of practitioner experience since 1989:
  • Inspires employees to take the customer perspective — know your customers' world better than your competitors do.
  • Instills customer-focused decision-making as a habit among all employees — motivate customer experience optimization as a way of life.
  • Engages employees to resolve and prevent customers' issues — collaborate cross-organizationally for company-wide customer experience excellence.

Customer Experience includes all of the steps a buyer takes to get and use a solution from the time of the buyer's realization of a need until the buyer deems the need no longer exists.

Customer Experience Management is a composite of customer management efforts.

Customer Experience Optimization is company-wide alignment with buyer priorities to grow both revenue and profit naturally.

Note: An entity would not exist without customers. When customers leave, shareholders leave, not vice versa. Hence, the overall purpose of any job and any company is to serve customer needs, with profits as a necessary and desirable byproduct of doing so.
"ClearAction has taught us things that would not readily cross our minds; they make total sense, and have increased our efficiency and accuracy in many areas." — K. van Diepen, Director of Marketing

"ClearAction is a leading expert in customer experience and customer relationships. I value ClearAction's views on the role marketing needs to take on in managing the customer experience."
— C. Crandell, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

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Lynn Hunsaker, Head of ClearAction

CEO Lynn Hunsaker has developed and managed customer experience programs at Fortune 250 companies since 1989 in roles such as Head of Corporate Quality, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Voice of the Customer Manager, Market Research Consultant, Strategic Information Manager, and Customer Satisfaction Improvement Manager.

Clients include Accountants Inc, Adecco, Anritsu, Applied Materials, Cadence, Cisco, Critical Software, Deltek, Direct General Insurance, FormFactor, Health Strategies Group, Hospira, Ingersoll Rand, Kaiser Permanente, Lexis Nexis, Merck, MicroWarehouse, SPG Prints, SunPower, Thomson Reuters, Whataburger, Valin, Zenprise and others.

Lynn is a CXPA Customer Experience Expert and a committee member of the Excellence in Customer Experience awards, and she has written 3 books for Amazon Kindle: Metrics You Can Manage For Success, Customer Experience Improvement Momentum, and Innovating Superior Customer Experience. Lynn is a frequent contributor to customer experience publications and conferences, and has taught marketing and advertising courses at UC Berkeley Extension, Mission College and SJSU. Lynn earned psychology and marketing degrees at BYU and an MBA at Vanderbilt University. She is past-president of Bay Area Association for Psychological Type and Silicon Valley American Marketing Association.

At Sonoco, Lynn led a taskforce to develop a 20-country multi-division customer satisfaction survey methodology in 1991, improved multi-year survey efficiency by 50%, and conducted hundreds of personal interviews at customer sites as inputs to the annual strategic planning process. At Applied Materials, Lynn conducted customer experience action planning workshops with 50 business units and deployed extensive internal branding to engage employees company-wide in owning the customer experience. She also designed and conducted focus groups and customer feedback instruments for marketing, service, product development, and operations.

Lynn has contributed three CX Tools to the CXPA and has been a CustomerThink 2011 top-10 customer experience author, and on the Advisory Board of CustomerThink, The Customer Care Network, Marketing Operations Future Forum, and Marketing Operations Partners, and on the Founder's Council of CustomerExperienceOne. ClearAction is a founding corporate member of Customer Experience Professionals Association, and founded the Annual Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management Best Practices Study.

ClearAction Team

ClearAction's network of virtual teammates meets your needs economically.

CEM AdvisorCarol Borghesi helps our clients put the customer first for fun and profit. She has developed and managed customer experience programs for over 30 years at TELUS in Canada, Bharti Airtel in India, and British Telecom in the UK. Her roles included Senior Vice President of Client Experience, Senior Vice President of Customers First Culture, Director of Customer Service, and Managing Director of 21st Century Customer Experience. With senior roles in sales, service and business unit management, Carol has successfully managed change through deregulation, labor relations and rapid technological innovation, in distinctly different markets and operational scales, delivering superior results for customers. At TELUS, Carol ignited passionate customer advocacy company-wide. At Bharti Airtel, she implemented several major systems, including CRM, and managed six outsourcing partners while the customer base grew from 26 million to more than 60 million. At BT, Carol ran their newly formed telemarketing operation of 7,500 people serving 22 million customers. Her Customer Service role led a workforce of 22,000 in sales, service, repair, operator services and directory assistance. She led BT's largest customer management transformation program, improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs by 150M pounds in three years, by consolidating 150 call centres across 104 locations to 33 centers, as well as acquiring a business and adding two offshore operations in India. Her team leveraged next generation network investment across BT's wholesale, global and retail lines of business. In BT Global Services team she provided operational insight to ICT solutions for major organizations in utilities, finance and other service intensive industries. Carol is a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and she is past Chair of the UK Customer Contact Association.

CEM AdvisorJim Rembach helps our clients engage employees, collaborate cross-functionally, build customer-focused culture, and engage customers. He has managed customer experience programs at Autozone and Deluxe Financial Services, where he led the daily operations of a staff of 800 and led a technology assessment for a $14B manufacturer. He is founder of BeyondMorale, where he uses a psychologist-invented system called servant teamwork that is infused with proven methods in neuroscience and adult leading that has been used by companies like Pepsi, AstraZeneca, BAE Systems, and Black & Decker. He is also a featured contributor to the Workforce Development Community for the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). He has been a guest lecturer on organizational behavior and management communication at UC Berkeley Extension and University of San Francisco. Jim is a frequent speaker and an author and reference source in numerous publications and articles. He has been a regional director of CCNG for 12 years, and is a CXPA Ambassador and Customer Experience Expert.

CEM AdvisorKathryn Jackson, PhD, helps our clients improve call center performance and customer service training, benchmarking, and technologies. She began her call center management career in 1983, including Customer Service Manager roles at Teknekron Infoswitch and at Consumer Health, where she helped build the call center from scratch. Her specialties include call center performance management, customer service training, benchmarking, and technologies. Kay is founder of ResponseDesign and ResponseLearning and has consulted companies across many industries for the past 12 years. She is also founder of Mach4um call center performance communities. Kay's groundbreaking research into topics like the integration of the Internet into call centers and complaint management has brought important new insight to the industry. And her expertise proved essential to the study of the customer-centric revolution by the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC; a not-for-profit organization that spearheaded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award). She has written articles for multiple trade magazines and was asked by Fortune Magazine to author its international call center supplement. She wrote two chapters of the Quality Audit Handbook published by the American Society for Quality (ASQ). She received the Call Center Pioneer Award from Call Center Magazine, which inducted her into its Hall of Fame. She also currently serves as a member of the Call Center Leadership Council.

CEM AdvisorLacey Grey helps our clients increase cross-organizational engagement and leverage customer value analytics. She has developed and managed customer experience programs at Merck,, HomeBanc Mortgage, and Earthlink. At Merck, she aligned executives and cross-functional teams around strategy and implementation to improve employee engagement scores by 10%. At, she created customer analytics, prioritization and valuation approaches and led the transformation from reactive Customer Service to proactive Account Management, working closely with Information Technology to develop a proprietary system to facilitate this transformation. As VP of Customer Retention at HomeBanc, Lacey led the customer prioritization and Net Promoter Score programs and increased organic revenue by 10% through multi-channel marketing and segmentation. In her role as Chief Customer Officer at Earthlink, she managed multi-national retention contact centers, increasing the retention rate from 9 to 32%, and she increased customer tenure by 26% through management of the customer experience and loyalty marketing. Lacey earned a black belt and executive belt in Six Sigma. She is the principal and founder of Customer Value Growth.

CEM AdvisorRoberta O'Keith helps our clients improve capabilities for systematic resolution of customer issues, and nurture customer-focused culture and customer experience business results. She has managed customer experience, marketing, and quality at General Electric, Individual Assurance Company, and Bankers Life & Casualty. Her roles included Vice President of Business Intelligence, AVP of Business Development, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt for Customer Insights, New Product Development Manager, Provider Relations Manager, Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager, and Customer Insights Leader. Roberta is a Certified Business Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is a frequent speaker on customer experience and is a recipient of the GE Imagine Award and GE Business Impact Award. Roberta earned her MBA degree at Benedictine University and BS degree at Western Illinois University. She is a member of the Board of Directors for the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).

ClearAction is a CXPA Founding Corporate Member
Customer Experience Optimization Internet Talk Shows:
  • Hear interviews: Adobe, Aon, CenturyLink, Cisco, Citrix, Coca-Cola, Dell, EMC, HP, Intuit, Kimpton, NCR, Philips, Safelite, Sungard, SunTrust, Symantec, TELUS, tw telecom, Virgin Mobile, Wells Fargo.

Optimize customer experience through company-wide alignment with buyer priorities to grow both revenue and profit naturally. Within the context of what matters most to customers, maximize:
  • Profitability and customer experience return on investment
  • Market share by differentiating customer experience
  • Brand strength by delivering your brand promise:
    • Productivity by avoiding re-work, scrap and lost opportunities
    • Collaboration by bridging silos and nurturing stakeholders
    • Goodwill by doing the whole job
    • Trust by getting it right the first time consistently
    • Value by innovating customers' jobs-to-be-done

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